7 Ways to Shop for Fit Flop Sandals for Exercising

Fit Flops Sandal

Would you believe that the exercise sandal was initially made for walking and not for exercising? But nowadays, this type of sandal is now preferred by many when doing their exercise routines. People prefer using it instead of the typical rubber shoes because of the comfort that it brings. As the name implies, this sandal is designed so the muscles in the legs could be drilled thus improving the circulation to the tendons and allowing the toes to flex between steps. Another important attribute of this particular sandal is the health benefits that it brings not only to one’s feet but to the overall bearing and outlook of a person. And because of its gaining popularity, Fit Flop are coming out with fashionable exercise sandals that attract all ages young and old.. The popularity of these sandals emerges as more and more celebrities and fashion icons use this type of health sandals.

Since there are lots of sandals being offered in the market, choosing the right exercise sandal for you can be a little confusing. The first thing that you have to remember when buying exercise sandals is not the style of the sandals but its quality. As tempting as it may look, don’t go for fashion over health benefits, don’t go for discounts over authenticity. Bear in mind that your feet is one of, if not, the most important parts of your body so it’s only just to make sure that the products you’re going to use will make your feet comfortable. This way your feet can do their job with ease. Below are 7 things you must remember when buying for your own fit flops sandal.

Exercise sandals must be:

good for the feet





Deemed as a healthy sandals (if possible endorsed by health professionals)

Stylish or something that will suit your personality

Keeping these qualities as reminders will help you in buying the perfect fit for your feet.
Exercise sandals give benefit to the feet. This particular sandal mold to the shape of a person’s foot for a better fit. The toes don’t have to grip inappropriately; which is a good thing since incorrectly flexed toes can cause life threatening health problems. Sometimes exercise sandal is being endorsed by doctors because it allows the feet to “breath” unlike closed shoes like rubber shoes. Closed-shoes tend to tighten the feet and eventually shortening the growth.

One shoe manufacturer remarked that “good health starts with your feet”. Correct shoes and/or sandals can reduce backache problems, joint problems and bad posture. Wearing exercise sandals make walking more comfortable, stress free to the toes and soles and help realign the spine for proper posture.
The latest survey says it all: a lot of people are becoming sandal fanatics instead of the usual closed-shoes users. It’s a good thing that many people are being aware of the good health benefits that fit flops sandals are giving. It is not just being a trend but can truly be a life saver.

Fit Flops Reviews Walkstar III Jelly Fitflops pink

Walkstar 3

I’ve been checking out the fit flops line of sandals and Walkstar 3 has a lot more style than many of the others. From what I’ve read The Walkstar III has something called dynamic topstitching on a sporty, streamlined leather upper, a soft leather lining and a ‘stitch and turned’ top line for maximum comfort across the instep. My feet feel very cozy even after a walk for a few miles in the city.

The Walkstar III is built with new microwobbleboard™ midsole technology, and according to University studies proven to load your bottom and leg muscles more, so you get a workout while you walk. For me I feel a tightness in my calves, thighs, and ankles, something akin to what I feel when I ski. Otherwise I have not seen my weight fluctuate any. But I do feel toned up from the waist down.

I have been wearing Fit Flops since march of 09 and I really like them! So they feel good which is why I will try a few more models to add to my collection of fitflops.